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Thomas K Davis

Thomas K Davis

I’ve always been a huge fan of science fiction and super hero comics. When I was a kid I used to write and draw my own crudely constructed comic-books. My drawings never caught up to my ideas which is why I took up writing.
Versatile Layer is a Science Fiction novel series that I have planned to write for some time. I went ahead and published it myself. The goal is to eventually expand into other forms of media. I believe the VL universe and characters transcend the page and would even make for a great cinematic universe some day.

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WarChief: Versatile Layer book 7

May 30, 2020

The two are reunited! After years apart, Adeola M'falme and Jake Takeda are finally back together.

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“Battles are an exercise in deception. You sell your opponent on a story. You get him to agree to a set of rules. Then you break those rules. There’s no honor on the battlefield. There’s only the mission.”

Captain Jacob Takeda

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