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Thomas K Davis

I’ve always been a huge fan of science fiction and super hero comics. When I was a kid I used to write and draw my own crudely constructed comic-books. My drawings never caught up to my ideas which is why I took up writing.
Versatile Layer is a Science Fiction novel series that I have planned to write for some time. I went ahead and published it myself. The goal is to eventually expand into other forms of media. I believe the VL universe and characters transcend the page and would even make for a great cinematic universe some day.


Traitor: Versatile Layer book 6

January, 14 2020

Captain Jacob Takeda has vanished! When a surprise Arez attack occurs within the colonies, Captain Takeda is suspected in aiding in the vile massacre. Samantha Hawkins has vowed to find her missing comrade and determine the truth for herself. She is aided by her close friend, ace pilot Agatha Park.

Meanwhile, a sinister group of assassins, known only as the Cabal, are conducting their own bloody search for the wayward Captain. It's a race to determine who reaches him first. Has Jake truly betrayed the Republic or is he being set up to take the fall?


“Battles are an exercise in deception. You sell your opponent on a story. You get him to agree to a set of rules. Then you break those rules. There’s no honor on the battlefield. There’s only the mission.”

Captain Jacob Takeda


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