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The Origins Collection: 
Versatile Layer books 1-3


The Red Girl: Versatile Layer book 1Jake Takeda is a high school student living a quiet life on Lhasa space colony. He has a genius level I.Q. but not much in the way of common sense. When he discovers an alien pod in his father's salvage yard, he does what any sensible person would do. He opens it up and befriends the beautiful alien girl who emerges from it (Adeola). She just so happens to be an Arez, a warrior race with red skin that humans have warred with for centuries. It’s a desperate race for Jake and Adeola to stay ahead of Station Security. All the while, in the shadows, a team dispatched by the Arez conducts a violent search for the red girl.
The Glass Runner: Versatile Layer book 2It’s been 10 years since the unprovoked Arez attack on Lhasa Space Colony. The war between humanity and the Arez is in full swing with no end in sight. Countless heroes have been struck down by the alien hordes. The orbital cannon on the moon of Titan is the only thing keeping the Arez armada from penetrating further into Terran space. The courageous Captain Jake Takeda has been dispatched to Titan along with the rest of his elite Strike Team. Their mission is to defend the orbital cannon from the vicious Arez ground forces stationed on the exotic moon and to defeat their cruel leader. The dreaded general known only as The Crimson Death.
Trial by Combat: Versatile Layer book 3The M’falme tribe has ruled the Arez empire for over 8 decades. They are a proud tribe that hold fast to duty and tradition. Princess Adeola M'falme has finally healed from the wounds she suffered at the hands of the humans. But her soul has still not healed from the loss of her mother. She embarks on a journey to find herself and assert her independence from the royal family. This puts her at odds with First Mother, Oyodiin who is the lead queen and first wife of her father. Her quest leads her to a hermit who has created a mysterious martial art known as Broken Cup. When someone she loves is imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. Adeola will have to use what she has learned to save them in a trial by combat. New challenges and adversaries await Adeola as she is pulled into political machinations and adventure. Get a deeper look at the Arez's unique alien culture. Explore the world of Samael and learn the epic history of the royal family, the M'Falme Tribe. Are you prepared to lay it all on the line in a Trial by Combat? I believe you are.

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The Daughters of Death
Versatile Layer book 4

Captain Jake Takeda is being hunted! After his defeat of the Crimson Death on Titan, Jake is now faced with a new threat. The children of his felled enemy, the Daughters of Death. These powerful warriors will stop at nothing until their father's killer is destroyed. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Edith (Deadeye) Fafnir must confront her past and make a decision that could change the course of the galaxy. Don't miss any of the pulse pounding action. This is Versatile Layer book 4: The Daughters of Death.

The Guilty Path
Versatile Layer book 5

It's been 3 years since the events of Trial by Combat. Adeola M'falme works as an adventurer for hire, known as a Farasi. She has found a sense of peace in life. That peace is short lived. When her brother Prince Kupanga seeks her out, Adeola must aid him in foiling a plot to destroy the royal family.
They must travel across planet Samael to the capital city of Mazzarath. All the while, being hunted by a mysterious tribe of assassins known as the Guilty Path. Adeola's strength and faith will be tested like never before. Will she overcome her trouble past or be consumed by it.

Versatile Layer book 6

Captain Jacob Takeda has vanished! When a surprise Arez attack occurs within the colonies, Captain Takeda is suspected in aiding in the vile massacre. Samantha Hawkins has vowed to find her missing comrade and determine the truth for herself. She is aided by her close friend, ace pilot Agatha Park.

Meanwhile, a sinister group of assassins, known only as the Cabal, are conducting their own bloody search for the wayward Captain. It's a race to determine who reaches him first. Has Jake truly betrayed the Republic or is he being set up to take the fall?

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Versatile Layer book 7

After years of being separated, Jake Takeda and Adeola M'falme are finally together again. But their emotional reunion will have to wait.
Adeola's older brother, the sinister Emperor Kupanga M'falme, has dispatched his elite warriors, the Damu Muuaji, to find and destroy Adeola. Along with her growing rebel forces.
When innocent people are caught up in the conflict between Adeola and the emperor, she and Jake will have to travel to planet Samael to face the dreaded Damu Muuaji.
Will they prevail or will innocent lives be lost?

The Bloodless Revolution
Versatile Layer Book 8

The final battle for planet Samael has begun. Exiled princess Adeola M'falme has gathered her freedom fighters and is ready to remove her cruel brother, emperor Kupanga M'falme from the throne. But Kupanga's forces, lead by the ruthless Master Mega, have other plans. 
Will Adeola be able to liberate her world without sparking a full scale civil war? May Mars have mercy on our souls.


All organic life in the solar system is in peril. Adam Heinrich, an immortal android, has manipulated humanity and the Arez for thousands of years. Now, he aims to complete his scheme and replaced both races with machines under his eternal control.

It’s a race against time. Can Captain Jake Takeda gather what’s left of his disbanded strike team and stop the shadow dictator? Victory will require Jake to mend broken bonds and unite two species who have warred for centuries. A desperate struggle is occurring in the shadows. The invisible war has begun.

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