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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

STAR WARS: A Voice of Hope

The universe is still reeling from the destruction of the New Republic and the Rise of Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. With Luke Skywalker gone, Kylo has become obsessed with finding the scavenger, Rey. He has dispatched his dreaded Knights of Ren to the ends of the galaxy in search of her.

Meanwhile, with the Resistance decimated after the battle on Crait. General Leia Organa has sent Finn, Poe Dameron, and Rose Tico on a recruiting mission to Corellia. Her hope, that her brother’s brave sacrifice on Crait was enough to re-ignite the spark of rebellion in the galaxy.

Chapter 1

Poe Dameron flew towards Corellia in an old Mon Calamari freighter. Finn sat in the co-pilot’s seat. He had no idea how to fly a freighter or any ship for that matter. He was just there for moral support. There was a First Order Destroyer and a fleet of Tie fighters patrolling the orbit of Corellia. Rose Tico entered into the cockpit and started plucking at a console behind Finn.

“You sure this is going to work?” Finn asked.

“We’ll see.” Rose responded with a level of confidence that didn’t put Finn at ease.

“We’ll see?” Finn asked nervously.

Poe glanced back at her from his controls.

Rose placed her hands onto her hips and faced them. “I picked this up from watching DJ. He wasn’t the best guy. But he did know a thing or two about sneaking into places where he wasn’t allowed.”

Poe turned around and studied his instruments. “Alright, point of no return people. They’ll be scanning us in 5, 4…”

“Okay,” Rose closed her eyes and inhaled as she pressed a button on the console.

They all waited in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly, a Tie Fighter flew parallel to their freighter and matched their speed. They could see it just out of the cockpit port. The black and red fighter shadowed them.

Finn gulped, “I got a bad feeling about this.”

There was a prolonged silence until a red button on Rose’s console began to beep. Finn and Poe both turned their heads to watch her as she pressed the button. A voice spoke through the console. “Mon Cal freighter 10-972?” It was the voice of the Tie pilot.

Rose exhaled. “Yes… This is Mon Cal Freighter 10-972.”

“You are clear to land at port Delta 598. Be on your way.”

“Thank You.” Rose responded. It turned her stomach to thank an imperial pilot but she had no choice in the matter. The mission came before her personal feelings about the First Order.

“Yes!” Poe exclaimed as he piloted the ship through the atmosphere. “I had total faith in you, Rose! Unlike some people.”

“Very funny Poe.” Finn said as he shook his head. He looked to Rose and there was an awkward silence between them.

Rose broke the silence. “I’m… I’m gonna go and check on the engines.” She left the cockpit and the door slid shut behind her.

Poe leaned over to Finn. “What’s going on with you two?”

“Nothing.” Finn stuttered. “Will you keep your eyes on the sky?”

“What?! I like to make eye contact when I speak to people. It’s weird not to.” Poe laughed.

Finn stood up and tapped the panel to open the cockpit door, “just get us on the ground.”

“Let me know if you need to talk, buddy.” Poe called after him as Finn walked out.

“I’m good.” Finn said as the door slid shut behind him.

“Okay.” Poe raised an eyebrow. “You don’t sound so good to me.” He said under his breath.

The freighter landed at the port and the bay door lowered. Rose and Ral Stam, another resistance member and a Trandoshan, started down the ramp when Finn stopped Rose by placing his hand on her shoulder. He quickly snatched his hand away as she turned to face him.

“Yeah?” She asked.

Finn looked a bit flustered. “I should come with you guys.” He looked at a passing patrol of First Order Storm Troopers in the distance. “It could get dangerous out there.”

“We’ll be fine. Besides…” Rose pointed to a holographic billboard across from the ship. There was an image of Finn’s face with a bounty price. After a few seconds, Poe’s face replaced his. The billboard continued to shift between various members of the resistance. “I’m not as well-known as you guys. I have a better chance of getting in and out without a fight.”

Finn looked up at the sign then back to Rose. He placed his hands onto her arms and gazed into her eyes. “Just… Just be careful. If you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll be right there.”

Rose could see how concerned Finn was. She smiled and nodded to him. “We’ll accomplish our mission and we’ll be right back. Besides, Ral has my back”

Ral looked to Finn and said, “RAL.”

Finn watched as Rose and Ral walked away. He waited until they were out of sight until he walked back up the ramp and closed the bay door.

Chapter 2

Rose and Ral entered into a seedy bar near the Corellian factory district. These factories that once produced the imperial Star Destroyers that plagued the galaxy in the time of the empire. Were now pumping out ships for the First Order. Rose thought of the patrons of Canto Bight. The same people who owned these factories during Palpatine’s reign, still owned them now. Nothing had changed for them. Rose felt the anger boiling up inside of her as she thought about it.

She was brought back to the here and now when Ral tapped his claw against her arm. He was so strong, he nearly knocked her over. Her eyes went wide as she caught her balance. She squinted her eyes at the Trandoshan. He shrugged his shoulders and grunted, “RAL.”

“Okay. Just be a little gentler next time.” She smiled. “Where is he?”

Ral pointed at a secluded booth. “RAL.”

They walked over and took a seat across from a Duros who sat in the shadowy booth. His name was Loos and he was wearing coveralls. He was obviously the foreman at a nearby factory. “Care for a drink?” He asked.

“I’m okay.” Rose responded. Ral merely shook his head. “So, is it true? Are your workers interested in joining the fight?”

“I need to know something from you first.” Loos said.


“Did Jedi master Luke Skywalker really fight off an entire army on Crait? I heard the rumors but it sounds impossible. Is he real?”

“It’s true. Master Skywalker faced down the entire First Order with a lightsaber. I’d be dead if it wasn’t for him.”

“So, the Resistance has someone that strong fighting on their side, there’s hope?” Loos asked.

Rose needed the help that Loos could provide but she couldn’t lie to him. “Skywalker defeated the First Order army on Crait but…”


“But he died in the process.”

“So, the only hope the galaxy had is dead?” Loos stood up to leave. “I’m sorry kid. My people want things to get better. We want the First Order gone but we’re not going to throw our lives away in a hopeless battle.”

Rose stood up and grabbed him by the wrist. “Your workers made the weapons that destroyed my home, my people!” She let go of his wrist, “We don’t have Skywalker but we do have a Jedi. She’s strong.”

“As strong as Skywalker?”

“She’s… She’s getting there.” Rose said.

“I’m sorry. My minds made up. No Skywalker, no help. You can’t convince me otherwise.” Loos was about to leave when Ral stood up.

“RAL.” He growled at Loos.

Loos stared him in the eyes for a few moments. “Fine. I’ll at least discuss it with my workers.” He turned to Rose. “But I’m not making any promises.” He walked out of the saloon.

Rose punched Ral in the arm. “Thanks, big guy.”

Ral patted her on the shoulder and accidentally knocked her down onto her butt in the seat. “RAL.” He said in apology.

“It’s okay.” Rose laughed. “You did great.” She looked towards the bar and she saw a man wearing a ratty trench coat with his hat turned backwards. “No way?” She whispered. She reached down into her pocket and retrieved her communicator. “Finn?” The man was leaving the bar as she waited for Finn to respond.

It took a moment for Finn to answer, “Yeah.”

“Finn. You won’t believe who I just saw.”

Chapter 3

Poe sat in the cargo hold of the freighter. Before Rose left on her mission, he had her hack into the port’s mainframe. He was reviewing records of any ships that had recently landed. He wanted a heads up on any potential threats that could rear up on Corellia. Finn stormed by him and pulled a pistol from a storage locker. Poe jumped up. “Whoa! Whoa! Where you headed buddy?”

“I’m going to take care of something.” Finn said as he pushed Poe aside and pressed the button to open up the port.

“Something that you need to take care of with a blaster?”

“Something personal.” Finn stared Poe in the eyes. “DJ is here. He’s on Corellia and I’m going to take care of him.”

“You sure about this, Finn?”

Finn had an intense look in his eyes. “He betrayed us. He got a lot of people killed and now I know where he is.” Finn Patted Poe on the shoulder. “So, yeah. I’m going to go and take care of him and you’re not going to stop me.”

Poe knew there was no talking Finn out of this. He stepped aside. “Be careful and don’t let any of the Storm Troopers spot you.”

Finn grabbed a hooded cloak from a locker and put it on. “Thanks Poe.”

Poe lowered his head. “Don’t thank me for this.”

Finn watched him for a moment before walking out of the ship. He had a determined look in his eyes. After what happened aboard Snoke’s ship, he swore that he would kill DJ if he ever saw him again. That day had arrived.

Chapter 4

Rose trailed Dj through the streets of Corellia. Ral walked behind her. It was difficult for her to stay inconspicuous with a tall Trandoshan with her. “Ral? Go to the factory and do your best to convince them to join up.”


“No, you’re a great speaker. I know you’ll do great.”


“You do not have a stutter.” Rose watched as DJ entered into a nearby building. “I’ll join you as soon as I’m done here.” Ral nodded his head then walked off. Rose jogged across the street to the building. She peeked into the open doorway. A hand rested onto her shoulder and she almost jumped out of her skin.

“Rose!” Finn announced way too loudly.

“Finn?” She whispered as she held her finger to her lips.

“Is he inside?” Finn said quieter.


“Good.” Finn said as he pulled his blaster from beneath his cloak. “Wait here.”

“What’re you doing?” Rose asked.

“Just wait here.” Finn entered into the building.

“Blast.” Rose whispered as she followed him in.

A shadowy figure watched them from across the street. He held up a placard and an image of Finn appeared above it. The man walked towards the building. He held a scythe-like weapon in his right hand. The man was Vicrul, the most powerful member of the Knights of Ren.

Chapter 4

Finn and Rose made their way through the dark hallways of the structure. It seemed to be a slum. There were people passed out in the hall as they searched for DJ. Used Death Sticks were strewn upon the floor. The containers crunched under Finn’s boots as he walked. There was a red light emanating from an open door up ahead. Finn felt a familiar presence as they approached it. Soon after, he heard an all too familiar humming coming from inside. He stepped through the door and there he found him. DJ was hunched down over a large bag and stuffing containers into it as he hummed a tune.

Finn walked up behind him. “Put your hands where I can see them DJ!” He demanded.

DJ glanced over his shoulder. “Big F?” He ran for the open window.

Finn fired a warning shot at him. “That’s far enough!”

DJ stopped and turned around. “C’mon Finn.” He looked past Finn to see Rose standing behind him. “Lit…Lit…Little Lady.”

Finn looked down at the bag. “This isn’t your home is it. Are you robbing this place?”

“We gotta do what we… got… got… got… gotta do.”

Rose was confused. “The First Order gave you a small fortune to sell us out.”

“I spe… spe… spent it.” DJ said. His hands were shaking uncontrollably.

Finn was furious. “People died because of you. Good people!” Finn pressed the blaster to his chest. “You don’t get to walk away from that.”

“Please, what was I supposed to do?” DJ pleaded. “They wou… wou… woulda killed me.”

“And instead you gave them us.” Finn said.

Rose stepped forward, “Finn, you can’t do this.”

“Wait outside Rose.”


Finn looked at DJ’s shaking hands. “Stop that.”

“I can’t.” DJ whimpered.

“Stop that.”

“Finn, he can’t stop.” Rose looked to DJ then to the bag he was filling. “You spent all of those credits on Death Sticks. Didn’t you?”

“He’s robbing his dealer.” Finn shook his head.

“I ca… ca…. ca… can’t even cut no more.” DJ answered. “Shakes are too bad.” He just stood there with his hands up, looking pathetic. Finn fought with himself over what to do with DJ. Eventually, he lowered his blaster. He grabbed DJ by the collar then pushed him towards the door. Rose stepped aside.

“We’re taking you to General Leia.” Finn said. “She’ll decide what to do with you. You’re going to pay for what you did.”

Rose smiled. She was proud of Finn for making the right decision.

“I won’t forget this Big F. I swe… swe… swe… swear. I’m turnin over a new leaf.” DJ wiggled out of his coat and took off running once he made it to the door. Finn was left holding onto the empty coat.

“I should’ve known!” Finn yelled as he threw it onto the floor. Before he and Rose could chase after DJ, Finn got a sick feeling in his stomach. He grabbed Rose by the wrist. “Wait.” Soon after, they heard DJ scream out and a sound like a blade slashing meat, followed by a thud. Finn pulled Rose back towards the open window. “Rose, go.”


“Out the window, go!”

Vicrul casually entered into the room. Finn could see his own reflection in the metal mask he wore. Vicrul had his scythe resting upon his shoulder. It was still wet with DJ’s blood. “F.N. I came to this world searching for the scavenger. But somehow, I found you.”

“My name is Finn.” Finn fired his blaster at Vicrul but he missed the knight. For some reason his aim was off. His hand wouldn’t stop shaking.

Vicrul marched forward. “I can feel it. The light. That accursed light oozes from you.”

Rose climbed out of the window. She dropped about 10 feet to the ground and rolled to keep from hurting herself. She called back up to the room. “Finn!”

Finn was feeling dizzy, disoriented. Vicrul was doing something to him. Is this the force? Finn thought. The dark side? Finn threw himself out of the window as Vicrul slashed at him. He fell to the ground onto his side. The fall had hurt him.

Rose ran over and tried to help. “C’mon, get up.” She pulled his arm over her shoulder and struggled to pick him up. She dragged Finn along. “You’re going to be alright. Just keep moving.” She heard a thud far behind them. She glanced back to see that Vicrul had jumped out of the window after them. He had landed into a crouch. He slowly raised his head and gazed at them as he stood. Rose felt an overwhelming fear come over her. She could barely move.

“Rey.” Finn mumbled under his breath.

“Rey?” Rose repeated.

“We need your help, Rey.” Finn said as he reached out with his hand over Rose’s shoulder. He passed out and collapsed. Rose snatched Finn’s blaster up from the ground. She fired several shots at Vicrul but they all missed. He calmly walked towards them.

“Foolish girl.” Vicrul raised his scythe above his head. “You have no clue how strong the dark side really is.”

Rose dropped the blaster. She wrapped her arms around Finn and shielded him. She closed her eyes tightly.

As Vicrul slashed down at Rose and Finn, a wave of force pushed him away from his prey. He slammed against a nearby wall. He collided with it with such force that his body left an indentation. He fell to his hands and knees. Storm Troopers began to pour into the area.

Rose was amazed that she was still alive. The fear that she felt was gone. It was likely related to whatever dark side ability Vicrul possessed. She looked up to see a figure in white standing before her and Finn. “Rey?”

Rey smiled back at her. “Rose, get Finn to safety. I’ll do my best to hold them off.”

“There’s too many of them.”

“Just go. There’s a speeder waiting around the corner!” Rey pulled out her sidearm. It was the same gun that she received from Han Solo. She fired several shots into the crowd of Storm Troopers. Each shot a direct hit to the visors on their helmets. They fell one after another. As they fired back at Rey, she ducked and moved with grace. It was as if she could see where the blasts would be before they were fired. Almost as if she was peeking into the future.

Rose watched her in awe. Is this what a Jedi is like? She thought. She had never seen Rey fight before. She dragged Finn to the waiting speeder. It looked like a floating cassette tape with half of a jeep stuck on top of it. He was heavy but she managed to muster up just enough strength to load him into the passenger seat.

Chapter 5

Rose raced towards the docks. Two First Order Scout Troopers on speeder bikes chased after her. They fired shots at her as she drove. She turned down a narrow alley and plowed through trashcans and other debris. She could barely see through the window.

“We’re going the wrong way.” Finn mumbled as he cracked open his eyes.

“It’s good to see that you’re still with us.” Rose smirked. A laser passed between them and Finn jumped in his seat.

“What the…”

“Yeah, you want to do something about them?” Rose asked sarcastically.

Finn slapped himself on the cheeks then glanced back at the Scout Troopers in pursuit. He then noticed the blaster resting on the floor in front of the passenger’s seat. He picked it up then stood and fired at them. “So, how did we make it out of that?!”

“Rey showed up!”

“Rey is here?!” He closed one eye and lined up his shot. The laser blast impacted the trooper’s arm causing him to lose control of the speeder bike and crash. The resulting explosion made the remaining trooper swerve and nearly fall. “We have to go back and help her!”

“What we have to… GET DOWN!!!” Rose yelled.

Finn glanced behind him to see a low hanging structure. They were entering into a factory. He dropped down quickly to avoid being decapitated. His head landed in Rose’s lap. Rose blushed then pushed his head away. Finn turned then rested his elbows on the back of the speeder as he shot at the remaining trooper.

“So, what’s the…” Rose paused. “What’s the deal with you two?”

“Me and Rey?” Finn ducked to avoid a laser blast.


“We’re friends.” He pointed his blaster and fired blindly.

“Just friends?” She asked.

“Well…” Finn thought for a moment. “Best friends. Listen, could we?...”

“Yeah.” Rose looked in the rearview mirror. The Speeder bike was right on their tail and the trooper was taking aim. Rose stomped on the brakes, causing the trooper to slam into the back of their vehicle. He went flying over them like a ragdoll then slid across the ground motionless.

Finn caught his breath and said, “I think you got him.”

Chapter 6

The front of a Storm Trooper’s helmet shattered like glass as Rey’s staff collided with his head. He spun in a circle as he fell. Another Storm Trooper had Rey in his sights. She threw her staff towards another trooper then caught it by the tip. The other end knocked that trooper out. She stepped towards him as she swung her staff back to her. When she caught the other end so the second trooper was in front of her with her staff across his neck. The first trooper fired multiple shots from his blaster but they hit the second trooper instead of her. Rey dropped him then used the force to pull the first trooper forward as she dashed towards him. She knocked him out with a swing of her staff.

Vicrul was back on his feet. He swung his scythe at Rey’s head and she barely dodged it in time. “The scavenger.” He said as he continued to slash at her. “The supreme leader has taken a particular interest in you.” As Rey countered with her staff, Vicrul released his scythe and caught her weapon with both of his hands. “As his Knights, we were instructed to bring you to him. Dead or alive.” He pushed her back. He was overpowering her. He was physically strong and he emitted a dark side aura that was giving Rey vertigo.

“Tell Kylo to send better next time.” She removed her right hand from the staff. Vicrul pushed the staff against her throat. She couldn’t breathe.

“I expected the Last Jedi to be stronger than this.”

Rey placed her right hand onto his chest. “And I expected the Knights of Ren to be smarter.”

Vicrul looked down at her hand then back up to her face. Rey initiated a close-range force push that sent him flying straight through a nearby wall. He was forced to release her staff as he was pushed. Rey stood up and caught her breath. She gazed at the many Storm Troopers laid out before her. She picked up her pistol and ran in the direction of the port.

Chapter 7

Finn and Rose ran up the ramp onto the ship. The Mon Calamari freighter was already powered up and ready to fly. Poe was waiting for them as they entered. “You guys make enough noise out there?”

“Poe, we have to wait for Rey.” Finn said.

“I know. Who do you think called her?” Poe said as a matter of fact. Rose and Finn squinted their eyes at him in confusion. Poe showed them the hacked manifest. “I figured out that one of these ships belonged to the Knights of Ren. So, I called in the big guns.”

Rose looked about the freighter. “Where’s Ral?”

“That I don’t know. We can’t take off without him either.”

Rey ran onto the ship a moment later.

Finn immediately embraced her. “You made it.”

Rose watched them.

“There are several platoons of Storm Troopers right behind me.” Rey said as she caught her breath.

Poe ran down the ramp and stared through a pair of binocs. “Damn it Ral, where are you?” He spotted a legion of Storm Troopers approaching. He ran back inside. “We got company!” Poe ran into the cockpit and started flipping switches. “If our Trandoshan can’t make it to the ship then we bring the ship to our Trandoshan.”

“Wait.” Rey said. “I have a feeling.”

“Is that a Jedi feeling or a feeling, feeling?” Poe replied with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m not a Jedi.” Rey groaned. “Not yet, anyway.”

“You could’ve fooled me.” Rose smiled.

The Storm Troopers started to mobilize outside. They were setting up turrets.

Poe ran from the cockpit and patted Rey on the back a bit too hard. “Well… Go out there and wave your hands at them, or something.”

“That’s not how the force works.” Rey and Finn replied in unison.

Poe shook his head then grabbed a nearby rifle. “Fine. We hold them off for as long as we can.” He slid over a cargo container then posted up behind it for cover. The others followed suit.

A First Order officer stepped out in front of the Storm Troopers. “Surrender now or face the full wrath of this company, rebel scum!”

“I really don’t like this guy.” Poe said.

“Company! Ready! Aim!” The officer held his next command for effect. Rey and the others prepared themselves for a fight. The officer smirked then yelled, “Fire!”

Shots were fired but not from the Storm Troopers. The shots were coming from behind them. The Storm Troopers were being attacked by another force. Ral and Loos led a large group of armed workers. “RAAAALLLLL!!!” The workers were armed with inferior weapons compared to the Storm Troopers. But they had the element of surprise and spirit. The force was with them.

Rey and the others attacked also. The Storm Troopers were caught in a crossfire. The commanding officer was struck in the back and the chest simultaneously. He spun as he fell to the ground. The Storm Troopers were falling one after the other while the workers suffered very few casualties. With the loss of their leadership, the Storm Troopers pulled back. This opened a path for the workers to rush onto the Mon Cal freighter. The ramp closed and Poe took off.

Rose ran over and hugged Ral, “How did you do it?”

Ral squeezed her back and growled, “RAL.”

“Of course, why didn’t I think of that.”

Rey took a seat next to Poe in the cockpit. “I assume you’re going to need a decent co-pilot?”

“Yeah,” Poe said as he passed her an earpiece. There were two X-wings engaging the Tie Fighters above Corellia. “Snap and Kas are creating a diversion for us. Once we’re clear, their bugging out.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

The Star Destroyer was turning towards their freighter. It was aiming its canons at them.

“Engage light speed Rey.” Poe said. Rey pulled the lever and nothing happened. Poe’s eyes went wide. “No. No. No.”

“Just how old is this bucket?” Rey asked.

“Clone wars, I think?” Poe responded.

Rey jumped up from her seat. She ran into the cargo hold. She grabbed Rose by the arm and pulled her along with her as she ran. “We need to make repairs quickly.”



Finn chased behind them. “Can I help?”

“No!” They both said. Finn stopped and watched them jog over to a wall.

Rose pulled at the panel to remove it but to no avail. Rey pushed her aside then outstretched her hand towards it. The panel was pulled from the wall then fell to the floor. Rose looked down at it. “Yeah… That doesn’t stop being amazing.” They both rushed forward and dug their hands into the now exposed circuitry.

Poe spoke over the intercom to them. “Rey, we got seconds before that canon reduces us to atoms.”

“We know,” Rey and Rose yelled back.

“This is it,” Rose said.

“The conductor’s gone bad.” Rey added

“We don’t have that part.”

“If 3PO was here, we could pull one out of him.” Rey said.

Rose looked at Rey’s staff, “You pieced that together from whatever knick-knacks you found lying around Jakku?”


Rose pulled a piece off of the staff. “This component should do the trick but…”

“It doesn’t fit properly.” Rey waved her hand and the component floated out of Rose’s palm. She gestured towards the hyperdrive and the small piece moved into place. She held it there using the force.”

“Wow.” Rose said under her breath.

“Poe!” Rey yelled. “Take us to light speed!”

“Here we go!” Poe responded over the intercom.

The hyperdrive lit up. Rey felt like all of that power was flowing into her. It was overwhelming. She could barely hold the component in place. The piece shook and smoked like it was ready to explode.

The Star Destroyer fired a volley from its main canon. The stars visible from the cockpit of the Mon Cal freighter began to stretch. Poe grinned, then suddenly, the freighter jumped to light speed. They escaped just in the knick of time.

Rey’s eyes rolled into the back of her skull and she collapsed onto the deck. She had overexerted herself. This level of force use was still new to her. She was spent.

“Finn!” Rose called out.

Finn came running around the corner. His boots slid across the floor as he stopped. He dropped to his knee and pulled Rey into his arms. He checked her pulse.

“Is she?” Rose asked.

“I think…” Finn felt something. He had felt it before. A certainty that he couldn’t explain. An understanding of things that he shouldn’t have any knowledge of. Is this? “She’s okay.”

“How can you tell?”

“I… I just know.” He said as he gazed down at Rey.

Rose took in the scene. “Are you going to tell her?”

He was puzzled. “Tell her?...”

“Tell her how you feel, dummy.” Rose shook her head.


“It’s okay. I get it. She’s an incredible person.”

Finn was silent for a long time before he finally responded. “And so are you.”

Rose smiled and looked away.

“Rose, that kiss on Crait.”

“Please don’t bring this up?” Rose felt embarrassed talking about it. “I was delirious, banged up pretty bad.”

“I liked it.”

Rose looked at him.

“I spent most of my life wearing a helmet that I wasn’t allowed to take off, without permission.” He looked to her. “Feelings like that, aren’t allowed in the First Order."

Rose lowered her head and said, "that's horrible."

"Yeah." Finn looked up at her. "You were right on Crait. That’s what we’re fighting against. We can't beat them by becoming like them.”

Rose sat down onto the floor and hugged him.

“Rose, I don’t expect you to wait around until I figure this out but…” He smiled at her. “Thanks for letting me know that it’s there.”

Rose embraced him again, “That’s what friends do.”

Chapter 8

Snoke’s ship floated in the orbit of Canto Bight. At least, it used to be Snoke’s ship. The new Supreme leader hadn’t gotten around to naming the vessel yet. The damage caused by Admiral Holdo’s final act of heroism still scarred the massive ship. Months of repairs were still required to erase the damage that she did.

The heads of the major manufacturing corporations were all gathered into the first floor of the grand casino. They were herded there by the legion of Storm Troopers who dropped from the ship and forced to sit on the floor. These troops took complete control of the casino planet in a matter of minutes. The Canto Bight security forces were no match for the First Order.

The patrons, all of which who remained, were in the arms business. They had all done business with the First Order and were disturbed by this sudden turn of events. Yasto Attsmun, who frequently held lavish parties aboard his floating yacht stood up. “What is the meaning of this?!” The Storm Troopers were silent. “I demand answers now!!!”

Yasto felt a tightness around his throat. He couldn’t breathe. His feet left the floor and he was suspended in the air. The line of Storm Troopers parted and a man wearing a black cape, with long black hair entered. It was Supreme leader Kylo Ren. He looked at Yatso and Yatso fell to the floor, catching his breath.

“You’re likely wondering why I summoned you all here.” Kylo said. His voice seemed to echo in their heads also. He gestured towards the troopers and the helmeted men and women marched out of the casino. An officer entered with a large black box floating before her. She pushed it along like a shopping cart. She placed the box between Kylo and the Canto Bight weapons dealers. She then left the casino.

Kaljach Sonmi raised his hand. He didn’t speak until Kylo gazed at him. Kaljach stood, “Supreme leader Ren. Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on your ascension. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say that we are all looking forward to doing business with you. Just as we did business with Snoke in the past.”

“Business.” Kylo whispered as he removed his cape and set it onto a nearby gambling table. “Kaljach Sonmi, you sold the First Order our Dreadnaught. It was a fine vessel.” He set a small holographic projector onto the table. An image of the mighty dreadnaught appeared above it. The image changed to an X-wing. “But you also sold the resistance the X-wing, that Poe Dameron used to take out its surface canons.” He then pointed at Yasto, “While Yasto sold the bombers that sank the ship.”

Kaljach looked nervous.

“You’ve been selling weapons to both sides. Snoke accepted your greed. He thought it was a good way to control you.” Kylo waved his hand towards the black crate and it fell apart. Guns and other weapons spilled out onto the floor from it. “I am not Snoke. I will not tolerate people conspiring with my enemies.”

“What is this?” Yasto said.

“A fighting chance.” Kylo ignited his light saber. He waved his hand towards the exits and all of the doors slid closed. “You made these weapons. I suspect you understand how to use them.” Kylo Ren gestured and the weapons scattered about the room.

There was panic within the casino. A voice called out. “This is madness! You can’t run our factories without us!”

“Your factories run themselves. I am seizing the means of production.”

The patrons ran towards the guns. Yasto picked up a rifle and Kylo immediately sliced him in half. “I’m cutting out the middle man,” he said. He used his lightsaber to deflect a blaster bolt back at its sender. “The corruption of Palpatine, and the New Republic, and Snoke is at an end!” Kylo screamed. “Strength is the only truth in this universe!”

Outside the Storm Troopers could hear the slaughter that was taking place on the opposite side of the doors. Even they were afraid of their new master. The chaos behind the doors ended. Soon after, all of the doors slid open and the Supreme Leader walked out, wearing his black cape.

Without looking at them Kylo said, “Burn it. Burn it all.” He headed towards his shuttle in the distance. The city was being set ablaze behind him as he walked.

The End

Written by Thomas K Davis

Thanks for reading this far. If you enjoyed this short Fanfic then please share it. Also, be sure to take a look at my original works. I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan for my entire life and The Last Jedi inspired me to create my own Science Fiction series. It’s a project that I’ve put a lot of work and passion into.

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